Hurry Up Bob! 2 and pro versions now available

Hurry Up Bob!  2 was recently released on the App Store.  Download it now!

Hurry Up Bob!  Was updated to fix several bugs and add some new visual effects.  Be sure to get the latest version.

Additionally, we now have Pro versions of both Hurry Up Bob!  and Hurry Up Bob!  2.  These versions cost $0.99USD and include all game features without the need for an in-app purchase.

App Store Links:

Hurry Up Bob! Updated

Hurry Up Bob!  1.1 is now available on the App Store as an upgrade.  This version includes a couple of enhancements.  First, one single $0.99USD in-app purchase now enables all features.  This makes the new version a better value.  Additionally, you can now purchase paid features on-the-fly during a game.

Another new feature is the settings menu, which provides a couple of new options for game controls.  You can choose between right- or left-handed controls, and there’s a new option for tilt control, which allows you to move Bob by tilting the device.

The upgrade is free, so get it now!